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The practice of Yoga builds strength, stability and balance. Deep stretching is practiced, to allow flexibility and ease, while energizing inversions balance the Glandular system. The practise facilitates the release of tension or toxins to ensure the proper functioning of the organs.

Iyengar Yoga is a scientific, disciplined and deeply researched system developed by BKS Iyengar. It is specific about precision and alignment so that the full benefits of the postures can be attained.

Balanced postural alignment creates a balanced muscular action and allows for the body to work in fluid integrated way.

Pranayama (breathing) opens the full potential of our true inner healing.  Mental steadiness is created when the mind evenly participates in the physical actions. Each posture thereby becomes a meditation in action.

When the body is properly aligned, circulation and healing improves, giving rise to increased physical and emotional health and mental well-being, together with the radiant Light of the Soul.

Ultimately the practise is always about deep acceptance wherever we find ourselves. With our efforts to initiate change, each time we bring ourselves back to our true Divine nature or inner Essence ~ of being deeply peaceful, joyous, balanced, centred and Connected.

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